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 I have always LOVED throw pillows and keep a variety around my home. Besides being a nice gift, pillows are the easiest way to update a room or add softness to any décor. So of course I loved it when I received an embroidered pillow as a wedding gift in 2006 from great friends.

Marsha Droste Forever Pillows FounderThe pillow had our name and wedding date and has stayed on our bed for years as a reminder of our anniversary. We loved the personalized gift so much that I began doing the same for all our friends.  We usually gave a monetary gift for new couples, but wanted to give something special along with it. Since the average blender doesn't work anymore, the wedding pillow was perfect. I bought solid pillows with a zipper every chance I got. I was always surprised at how expensive they could be and how rare they were. Soon, baby announcements and graduation announcements would arrive so my "go to" gift for weddings started to fill a space for these other special occasions.

I have a deep respect for small business owners.  It's anything but easy. The challenges I have experienced have been enlightening and certainly expensive. My goal was to keep the price affordable so I made an attempt to source overseas. In 2013, I threw away several months of work and thousands of dollars when I fell victim to a China manufacturer scam. After some dusting off and more encouragement from family, I decided "Made in the USA" was the only way to go. Sure, it increased my cost, but I now work with some great people here in the states that really care about the quality and service they provide to their customers.


Personalized gifts will always be popular. New mothers will always love seeing their baby's name, just as much as a new bride will enjoy seeing her new name. You'll find lots of similar products out there but our goal at FP is to provide you with a top quality product that isn't just a novelty gift. Our pillows are sure to be a cozy reminder of a happy occasion as well as a classic addition to even the most elegant décor for years to come.  

Marsha Droste

Forever Pillows Founder