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Personalized Embroidered Pillows for Every Occasion

It's hard weeding through the numerous gift ideas online these days.  For all the birth announcements, wedding invites and birthday parties, I've found it difficult to find one thing that covers it all.  I resorted to gift cards for years.  The recipient mostly forgot to even use them.  Cash usually does the trick for weddings and babies, but it's so impersonal and also forgotten.  

I remember receiving an embroidered pillow and some towels as a wedding gift and both were on display and used for years.  Ten years later, I can tell you exactly who gave them to me because I enjoyed them so much.  That's when I decided that personalized pillows, especially really nice ones that were well made, would be my new Go-To gift.  

That's why we created Forever Pillows.  Now you can easily find a quality gift, personalized, for EVERY special occasion that will sit on their sofa or bed all year long!  The best part is all of our pillows include a gift bag, logo tissue and a greeting card in the back pocket.  Your gift is ready to give!

Check out some of our most popular occasions and designs:

New Baby
Mother's Day
New Home/Closing Gifts


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